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POC Smart Band Detailing.203.jpg

POC Adventure is...

What if POC POC is about to enter the world of the consumer electronics market. Which type of product will be relatively safer for it to have a strong start? 

Considering the current product lines and the main target user. My answer is a smart band for snowboarders.

Role:  Product designer

Time:  2019 Fall, 3weeks

Software:  Procreate, Solidworks

                  Keyshot, PS

3d-Modeling 2 Final a -29.jpg
3d-Modeling 2 Final -30.jpg

POC Product Lines

CMF Mid Term-02.jpg
POC Smart Band Final Presentation-02.jpg
POC Ideation-19.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 62.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 64.jpg


CMF Mid Term-01.jpg
CMF Mid Term-12.jpg
CMF Mid Term-06 (1).jpg
CMF Mid Term-07.jpg
CMF Mid Term-08.jpg
CMF Mid Term-09.jpg
CMF Mid Term-10.jpg
CMF Mid Term-11.jpg


POC Band locking System.png
POC Smart Band Orange Lock.146.png
POC Band White Version.png
POC Band UI.png
POC Band Colorways.png
POC Smart Band Orange Lock.80.jpg

Utilitarian Orange

POC Smart Band Orange Lock.75.jpg

Urban Green

POC Smart Band Orange Lock.72.jpg

Luxury Blue

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