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MUJI Symphony

MUJI Symphony is...

MUJI Symphony is a set of dish-washing tools for millennial partners to find the fun aspect of doing chores and make their life of cohabitation better during the quarantine.

The instore journey is a critical part of the success of MUJI. MUJI Symphony provides a fun, affordable, interactive solution for MUJI to expand the current market by targetting millennial partners.

Role:  Product designer

Time:  2020 Spring, 14weeks

Software:  AI, PS, AE, Procreate,

                  Solidworks, Keyshot

Design Thinking

Gamification of Chores

"For every task that must be done, there should be an element of hidden fun."

The design thinking or life attitude above can be applied to chores as well, which are generally considered not a favorable thing to do.

So, how can we find the hidden fun elements of the non-favorable things?

We Hate Washing Dishes

Nothing can be more disappointed when you are stuck from work and want to cook a nice dinner to bounce back, but find out there are dozens of unwashed plates in the sink. No worries, you are definitely not the only one who suffers from this. Based on research, 37% of the people in the US hate washing dishes!


Quarantine life is Hard

During the quarantine, everyone's mental health was affected more or less. For partners, the number of quarrels has increased to a certain extent, which is not conducive to the couple's cohabitation life and mutual feelings. In most cases, these quarrels occur in small things, such as washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, or folding clothes ... etc


Fun Observation

I cannot forget the night when I was washing dishes, and listening to k-pop via my phone. Since I was doing my project, I kept thinking about how to gamify chores in an intuitive way. I looked at the dishes on my hand meanwhile keep the repetitive radial motion of washing dishes. Suddenly, the image of the DJ spinning the discs appear in my mind. I realized that the motion of washing dishes is quite similar to spinning discs, and the bridge to connect those two behaviors is music!

Millenial Cohabitant = The NEXT MUJI Target User

Millenial Cohabitant = The NEXT MUJI Target User


User Features

Package Design for MUJI SYPHONY-07.jpg
. Millennial cohabitants are the millennial partners who live together without marriage 
. Millennial partners value experience more than words possessions
. Millennial partners tend to have a smaller house and less stuff

Marketing Feature

资源 1@300x.png


Most Americans (69%) say cohabitation is acceptable even if a couple doesn’t plan to get married
资源 3@300x.png
What affects loyalty to brand?
54% Millenials: Price
28% Millenials: Quality
59% Non-Millenials: Quality
32% Non-Millenials:
. Cohabitation is a trend
. Financial concern
. High quality, low price



market size and features

. Cohabitation is a trend

. Millennials have less money to spend compared with previous generations

. They want the product to have high quality with relatively lower price

Skech Showcase-05.jpg
Sponge Label.png
Pebble serves as the inspiration to maintain a natural, friendly feeling of MUJI.

Key Sketches

Untitled_Artwork 48.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 49.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 51.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 50.jpg
IMG_9813 2.jpg
IMG_9814 2.jpg
IMG_9811 2.jpg
MUJI Symphony VIdeo Illustration Guide-0
Form Development.98.png

Dish Rack


Acoustic Sound Amplifier

The upper part can be used as am acoustic sound amplifier for the phone. It has a handle. Thus, it is portable to take from the room you are working in the kitchen. Offering a seamless and intuitive musical experience.




Acoustic Sound Amplifier

for Phone

Base for Kitchenware

Dish Rack Tray


Base for Components



Dish Rack Tray

The disk rack tray is made of black anodized metal and can be removed as a modular, easy to wash separately.



The base of the acoustic amp part can be used as a rest for chopsticks, knifes or scoops.




The main forms of the pebble brushes have 2 designs. Both of them are designed to optimize the experience of making dish-washing a musical journey.

Main Form

The brush No.1  has a concave surface to indicate the most comfortable place for holding. And it is easier to clean plates or containers with a flatter surface.

The Brush No.2 has a long handle. It is designed to clean bowls or the container with a certain depth.

Test Render Of Pebble Brush No.2 1.106.j
Test Render Of Pebble Brush No.2 1.103.j
Test Render Of Pebble Brush No.2 1.104.j


Test Render Of Pebble Brush No.2 1.108.p
HAHAHAHA 1.98.jpg

I choose semi-transparent polypropylene as the package material, since it will make people be curious about what is inside, whcih is an interesting way to introduce a new concept design.



The best way to introduce a new design or attract new audience group is to allow them play around with it. And that is also my design intent behind this user experience center.



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