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Hi, Steven He Here

Hi, my name is Steven He. I was born and raised in a small harbor city near Shanghai, a well known hub for business, both domestic and international. I grew up observing people at work, the power of networking, collaboration and the importance of offering value.


As an Industrial Designer, my strength is to balance manufacturing, design, and marketing. I love to challenge existing markets, discovering hidden opportunities. 

I take a diverse approach, consider future trends and identify deeper values. I explore. I experiment. I refine. I design products and experiences that emphasize precision and innovation, carving a future that is more secure, sustainable and durable.

IMG_8654 2.jpg

Some fun facts about me. I have been finger boarding for 5 years since 2017. Not being happy with what were in the market motivated me to building my own customized ramps. And it somehow let me discover my interest in materialality and industrial design


Also, I love playing Ping-Pong. Feel free to play with me if you happene to be a fan of Ping-Pong as well

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