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POC Band on Wrist Low Res.jpg

POC Sport Band

Category:  Industrial design, concept design, brand Identity

Time:  2019 Fall, 3 weeks 

Role: Industrial designer 


What if POC enters the world of consumer electronics market? Considering the current product lines of POC & its main target users, the POC sport band is a smart band designed for snowboarders and cyclists. 

02-product-on table.120.jpg
POC Band Bottom Fade.jpg
POC Band White Version.png

POC Product Lines

CMF Mid Term-02.jpg
CMF Mid Term-01_edited.jpg
CMF Mid Term-01_edited.jpg
Top UI.118.jpg
POC Smart Band Final Presentation-02.jpg
POC Ideation-19.jpg
CMF Mid Term-06 (1).jpg
CMF Mid Term-03.jpg

CMF 1: Urban Green

CMF Mid Term-07.jpg
CMF Mid Term-04.jpg
CMF Mid Term-08.jpg

CMF 2: Utilitarian Orange

CMF Mid Term-09.jpg
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