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Polaroid Moment Render Test.24.png
Polaroid Moment Render Test.24.png
Polaroid Moment Render Test.24.png

Polaroid Moment 2.0 

Category:  Industrial design, concept design, brand Identity

Time:  2019 Fall, 5 weeks 

Role: Industrial designer 



This is a project for fun. I was imagining what would be the next gen Polaroid camera if they are willing to get outside of their comfort zone. And the result is a phone with an instant print system on the back.


Except for the LiDAR technology to make Iphone 12 become AR-ready, the MagSafe feature is another exciting feature that may propose a wide accessary market. But, is this enough? What is a step further?

Polaroid Moment Render Test.21.png
Polaroid Moment Render Test.22.png

The Future!

The frontside of a phone has to be a screen for software interaction, but what will the back of a phone be in  the future? Just becoming thinner and thinner? Compared with this sad fact, perhaps consider it as a mass to contain hardware components to support a secondary function will make more sense. For example, make a phone become a portable high end speaker, or embedding an instant film printing system..

Polaroid Moment Render Test.22.png
Polaroid Moment Render Test.23.png
Screenshot 2021-02-18 001631.png

Lens pack ( Injection Molded Plastic )


Lens pack Cover ( Injection Molded Plastic )


Waterproof rubber sealing strip 

Motor + Battery + Axis to roll film

Strengthened structure, also designed to secure the film pack in place

I-type Polaroid instant film pack 

Switch to open the film pack storage cover

Speaker holes + Type-c charging port

Instant film pack storage Conver

Sim Card Slot

Power Button

Process and Decision Making

Ads Making 1-11.jpg

I tried various form factors and surface transitions and finally went with a more holistic, roundish proportion with controlled chamfer outline around the concave surface for camera lens.

Ads Making 1-08.jpg

For the rough idea of back graphic layout, I tried both modern and classic ways, trying to bring enough brand awareness meanwhile keep it clean and minimalistic.

Ads Making 1-09.jpg

After the final revision of CAD, I explored 3 more detailed graphic layouts with subtle differences on all views. I finally chose to go with a more clean, modern style, which still brings enough brand awareness and indicate the essential function with personality.

The Final Result

Polaroid Moment Render Test.10.png
Ads Making 1-01.jpg



Catch the moment! Equipped with the most advanced action camera lens in the world, this is the next generation of your favorite outdoor photography partner.

Polaroid Moment Render Test.13.jpg

The Polaroid Moment 2.0 is ergonomically designed to be held in both horizontal and  vertical positions to handle different shooting environments and scenarios.

Polaroid Moment Render Test.23.png

Instant film camera re-imagined, the Polaroid Moment 2.0 can print out photos at any time, anywhere! Users have the freedom to choose printing the photo out immediately by simply pressing the button on the left side of the phone or printing out the photos later via software control.

Polaroid Moment Render Test.26.png

The Polaroid Moment 2.0 uses the iconic pack of I-type film with up to 20 for one pack. The film pack storage cover can be opened by simply slide the red switch near type-c charging port and then slide and rotate the cover.

Polaroid Moment Render Test.25.png

3 lens options are offered to optimize the efficiency when switching between different environments and photography scenarios. All those 3 lens can be magnetically attach to the back of the phone.

Polaroid Moment Render Test.24.png

There are 3 various CMF choices available for users with different personality and culture background, I call them from left to right: dynamic sport version, fresh classic version, and Chinese new year version.

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