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Category:  Industrial Design, DFM, experiment with electrical components 

Time:  2022 Summer, 14 weeks

Role: Industrial designer 


Digital distraction has bothered generations of people. It gets even worse for gen Z and gen alpha. More and more people feel it hard to fall asleep quickly. And one of the biggest culprits is the mobile phone.

image (32).png


I want to find an activity that makes people feel somehow sleepy but far more meaningful than just spending time on digital platforms. Reading a book is perfect in this situation.

image (1)_edited_edited.jpg


The I-BOOK lamp is crafted to encourage the habit of bedtime reading.

It activates when a book is picked up, automatically turning off when the book is placed back. The timer initiates upon book pickup, gradually dimming the light to foster a calming environment conducive to sleep.


How it works..

Focus 1: Prototyping

The process has a huge focus on prototyping ranging from low fidelity - for proportion & basic interaction - to high fidelity for detailed interaction, increased durability & DFA simplification

Cork Chair in Dark Room_1.JPG
Portfolio Helights version 23.jpg

Focus 2: CAD Iteration

I wanted the lamp functions duo purposes as a bedside reading lamp or a task lamp for home studio. Lots of CAD iteration were done to achieve the final result.

Image - Inspiration.jpg
Portfolio Helights version 2.jpg
Image Collective 1 - CAD_edited.jpg

Inspiration: Architectural & Contemporary Home

image (31).png
wood texture home_edited.jpg

Focus 3: Fabrication

I worked with a local fabricator in LA to make the lamp. During the process,

I learned a lot about metal fabrication & how to deal with manufacturing constraints.

Portfolio Helights version 24.jpg
Portfolio Helights version 24.jpg
Portfolio Helights version 25.jpg

CMF: Wood Selection 

Wireld Lamp.482.jpg
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