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Nest Mobile

Category:  Industrial Design, DFM

Time:  2022 Summer, 14 weeks

Role: Industrial designer 



This is my capstone project. I am interested in the tech of Google ATAP & Google X. Also, I firmly believe that when level-5 autonomous driving becomes a new normal, it will fundamentally change the way we work and live. The result is a computer as a room on wheels. It can also be used as a product showcase room for Google Nest in 2030 (project has no affiliation with the brand)

Nest Mobile New Start.8.jpg
Nest Mobile New Start.17.jpg


01. Making compact space bigger + more comfortable

02. Maintaining a better work-and-life balance

03. Advertising Google products in an innovative way



The interior design & layout of existing van designs force people to get used to living in a compact and DIY space. Most people have hard time transition from van life to normal life, or reverse sequence. 

image (29).png
image (34).png
image (28).png

Solution : lofted layout + versatile space

Inspired by the layout & space saving solutions created by people who live in the small apartment in Tokyo and Newyork, I decided to bring the lofted layout to the autonomous van. What is more, it has an expandable roof.

Untitled-Artwork (40).jpg
Untitled-Artwork 1 (16).jpg
Untitled-Artwork (41).jpg
Untitled-Artwork 2 (8).jpg
Rough Proportion Materialized.650.jpg

Balcony: versatile work space + lounge area 

(explained in details in the next challenge)

Nest: Smart kitchen + dressing room

+ restroom + storage + Lofted bed 

Design to make the space

feels bigger + more comfortable 

Rough Proportion Materialized.600.jpg
Rough Proportion Materialized.601.jpg

Lofted queen size bed

Nest Mobile New Start.4.jpg

Expandable roof with solar panel 

Rough Proportion Materialized.652.jpg



One of the biggest challenges of working from home or working remotely is to have a good work-and-life balance. Due to the lack of effective self-management tool in the market, the line between work and relax is blurred.


Solution: Van life + Computer as a room with AI assistant 

Van life lifestyle help people to embrace nature better and enjoy life more. Level 5 autonomous driving helps to elevate the experience. AI serves as a personal assistant to keep you on your schedule. The "balcony" part of the room is transformational to offer you smooth transition from work to relax or from relax to work.

IMG-3651 (2).JPG
IMG-3657 (1).JPG
Rough Proportion Materialized.651.jpg
Rough Proportion Materialized.561.jpg
Rough Proportion Materialized.594.jpg
Rough Proportion Materialized.554.jpg

I took the challenge to finish both exterior, interior and experience design in 12 weeks. And I am now working hard on completing the storytelling.


Here is a link to the project overview 

Click here 

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