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Rover Staion Vison Shot 2.jpg

Canoo Rover Station

Category:  Industrial design, near future concept design, team collaboration 

Time:  2022 Spring, 14 weeks 

Role: Industrial designer - Steven He

         UI&UX designer - Gabriella Chen


The project aims to imagine the future of film crew workflow with the help of an EV brand, Canoo. Pubic always appreciate the effort film crew invest in each scene. But there must be a way to improve their creative workflow and reduce the heavy burdens.

" A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army" 

                                                                                                                  - Orson Welles


Brand & Opportunity

The next decade is for EV. Canoo is one of the pioneers in the off-road EV market. They focus on creating the most utilitarian pick-up trucks & van for American lifestyle. Recently, they are deeply invested by NASA.

image (15).png
image (16).png

Hardware Design Opportunity

I was looking for something that deserve a hardware innovation. Based on the research, the production cart, also can be considered as their workstation,  seems like something from the 70s, sophisticated, heavy, unsecured and expensive.



The result is a mobile workstation, an autonomous production cart integrated with high performance features for more organized and effortless workflow.

02-product-on table.66.jpg
Rover Station Transportation Mode.jpg
Rover Station 01 Scenario Shot 1.120.jpg
Rover Station Workstation Mode 2.jpg
Letter - 16.jpg


I paid lots of attention to details that help to deliver the satisfying experience with a sense of human touch.

Drawers open.70.jpg
Canoo Rover Station Features_edited.jpg
Canoo Rover Station Features_edited.jpg
Canoo Rover Station Features_edited.jpg


I collaborated with an interaction designer, Gabriella Chen, in this project. Big portion of the collaboration are done via miro, we discussed a lot to make sure the hardware and software design are supportive of each other.

sketch .002.jpeg
Untitled-Artwork 1 (16).jpg
Screenshot 2021-07-15 104151.jpg
Screenshot 2021-07-14 212818.jpg
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sketch .005.jpeg
Rover Station 01 Scenario Shot 1.465.jpg
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